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nanoBOOST™️ - The Best Natural Immune Booster

nanoBOOST™ is our startup’s innovation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a Natural Immunity Booster based on a formulation of time-tested Indian FDA & USFDA approved homeopathic remedies. It helps our body to fight all day to day and seasonal infections.


We are a startup with a mission to bring Dr.Somenath Mitra's 30 years of homeopathy study & practice results to the global population

Clinic Services

We have been operating clinics for over 20 years. It has given us the base to study and help many serious and complicated health disorders which have no hope of cure in modern medicine.


Our clinics have yielded enough data which has helped us to research and develop a range of standard formulations for various health disorders which can be used to treat the masses with very high success rates.


We believe in the healing properties of many nutrients found in fruits and vegetables as we have evidence from their use by many of our patients. We have formulated some very effective nutraceuticals supportive in many health disorders.

Diagnostics Services

We have tie-ups with various good quality diagnostic labs who help us to diagnose and monitor our patients with the best test results.

Drug Discovery

We are constantly researching data from our clinics and trying to develop newer and better formulations by which we are able to manage many serious to complicated health disorders more effectively.


We have patients from all over the world who are not in a position to travel physically to see us all the time so we have started telemedicine services. Now anyone can avail our promising solutions for good health from the click of a mouse from any corner of the world.

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Here, we show you some of the testimonials of our amazing remedies. We are sure, it will be so impressive.

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